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  1. General Training & Obedience
    I have a 2 year old Rottweiler that is scared of everything from a flag like sign flapping in the wind or even a sudden door from a business opening or a bag blowing in the wind.... I have found a solution that has kept him from running out into the road but I don't know how to stop him from...
  2. New member introduction
    hello, My name is Brittany Jones and I have 2 Rottweilers that aren't perfect and I am still working on after almost a year and a half of owning both of them. I have alot to learn and a lot against me with my location and my lack of knowledge on being a general dog owner. I am willing to listen...
  3. Non Doberman Animal Talk
    Anyone know of good breeders in or near Ontario? A friend of mine is looking for a pup and I would like to steer her away from BYB's I don't want to give recommendations on a kennel just based off the websites alone, I'd rather hear from someone! Looking for full health testing, good pedigree...
  4. Sevy


    My daughter's Rotty ready for her first Christmas!
  5. Angel N Spice

    Angel N Spice

    Sleeping together