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  1. Rommel So Far

    How can you resist those liquid eyes ?
  2. Rommel So Far

    Just been told off for trashing the garden !!
  3. Rommel So Far

    what he does best, snoring and letting off gas !!
  4. Rommel So Far

    9 weeks and already those paws are huge !
  5. Rommel So Far

    I think he didn't need mum's help settling into his new crate !!
  6. Rommel So Far

    21 weeks and already doing guard duty!!
  7. Rommel So Far

    Practising his stance , 14 wks old here.
  8. Rommel So Far

    This is Rom the light of our lives !! He's into everything but somehow always forgiven !
1-8 of 8 Results