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  1. Rescue Dobie Puppies in Southern CA.

    Puppy Corner
    Rescue Dobie Puppies in Southern Orange County, California! Hi, I recently adopted a rescued Dobie puppy from CARMA in Mission Viejo, CA. Compassionate Animal Rescue for Medical Aid (CARMA). I believe the brown male, Rocky Road and the black female, Chocolate Chip, are still available. They...
  2. Not a troll But

    Doberman Related Chat
    My husband was reading some of the posts on here and asked me a question i had no answer to. Let me explain before I ask. A lot of the info on here suggests that healthy dogs are well bred dogs. I tend to agree. However it also says on here that there are lots of breeders that breed...
  3. KC Doberman Rescue

    Doberman Related Chat
    I have an issue let me know if I am on the wrong side of the fence here KC doberman rescue has put in place a policy that doesn't allow rescues to be placed in homes with children under the age of 5 regardless of breed experience dog temperament or any other factor. The reasoning was that they...
  4. Attn: Doberman Rescues

    Doberman Rescue
    Doberman Chat Wants your Dogs... Doberman Chat is a discussion resource dedicated to Doberman Rescue. We now finally have our new rescue database in place for your adoptable dogs on our brand new rescue portal. In appreciation of all the hard work and dedication rescue groups and volunteers...
  5. Are there some dogs that CAN'T be housetrained?

    General Training & Obedience
    Hi all, Can someone help a 1st time dog owner who is at her wit's end?? I adopted a 6 yr old Doberman from a rescue. Am following all the instructions I think: -on excellent food (California Natural) feeding 1.5 cups to him, 2x a day -give him breakfast at 5:30 when I get up -let him out...