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red female

  1. Little Red

    Little Red

  2. new member from midwest

    New member introduction
    I have a 3mth old red female doberman named Harley. This is my first doberman owned. My other dog is an 11 yr male German Shepard named Bear. We also had a female GSD named Greta, who passed away last summer. We have always had GSD and decided to go with a doby, because we wanted a dog in...
  3. Hello From Vancouver British Columbia, What's the deal with female red Dobermans?

    New member introduction
    Hello all! I am new the forum and have yet to adopt a doberman. I've had my heart set on this breed for a very long time and am finally going to open my heart to one next Spring. I am so looking forward to learning more about Dobermans from all of you. A question I have to start things off...
  4. So, I never introduced myself....

    New member introduction
    I have been looking on this thread for a couple of months and never got around to introducing myself! My name is Tegan! My husband and I are new Dobie parents to a now 4 month old red female Juno!! She is a absolute spoiled little angel, and we could not be happier! We live in South Tulsa/Jenks...
  5. normal weight for young females

    Puppy Corner
    I have a 16 month old, red female, Berlin, who seems extra skinny. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge about when females fill in completely. Although she is a little taller than standard at 27in., she is still SUPER skinny, weighing in at only 53lbs. People ask all the time if she is...