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  1. Pup hit by car 😞

    Doberman Health
    Posting this here.. click to read what happened and to help. Injuries sustained: 4 broken ribs, punctured/collapsed lung, pneumothorax, serious pulmonary contusions, torn open leg and damaged tendons.
  2. Renal failure - advice?

    Doberman Health
    My 8 month old puppy is currently at our local trauma hospital diagnosed with renal failure. They are trying to flush his system with IV and I am trying to stay positive that he will come out of this healthy enough to flush out his toxins on his own without medical assistance. Today is day 2...
  3. Sudden Blindness and Depression After Enucleation

    Doberman Health
    Hi, everyone! This is my first time posting in the DT forum, although I recently discovered there is actually a thread on here somewhere about me and my 9 year-old Dobe, Lexie (aka “Lou”). We have been through SO MUCH in the past month and a half, and it’s still ongoing. You can read all of...