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  1. Vomiting. Please help

    Food and Feeding
    Hey everyone, I've done some searching and can't seem to find a thread that matches what is happening with our puppy, Georgia. When we first brought Georgia home she was eating kibble, we stuck with that for about two months and then we put her on raw food and we noticed some issues with it...
  2. Is it safe to feed Elk to Dobermans?

    Food and Feeding
    I'm getting a puppy in September and I'd like to feed him a raw diet. I've read some on it, but I just want to ask this specifically. I go Elk hunting every year in Colorado and if I kill 1 animal, I get 150-200lbs of meat. A lot of it is ground, but I can get some steaks too. I've never been...
  3. BARF Diet Results In Dramatic Weight Loss

    Puppy Corner
    Hi guys, I have recently converted my boy to an exclusively raw diet and he REALLY isn't doing well on it. Since I've had my boy (since 4 months old) he was feed on a 50/50 mix of Royal Canin and chicken wings. He grew nice and steady, however his stools were always sloppy, huge, and...
  4. feeding raw questions

    Food and Feeding
    i've never fed raw before but i agree with the concept. i have several questions and hope someone on here can help me. 1. where do you buy? 2. what do you buy (ingredients ie., specific cuts, what animals, organs?) 3. how do you mix the different ingredients 4. would you suggest grinding (my...
  5. raw food distributors in NJ

    Northeast US Region
    Hi fellow doberman owners! I was wondering if anyone knew of a raw food distributor in NJ - particularly raw beef by the bucket. I'm in central Jersey (131 off the parkway) and the place I used to go to in Kenilworth has closed (They didn't recommend any other place either). I've googled various...
  6. Help with Raw Diet

    Doberman Related Chat
    I recently rescued a 9 month Doberman. The shelter had him on Science Diet. Before adopting him I had been doing research on feeding raw for a few months. So after adoption I slowly started adding raw meats and vegetables to his diet. As of now he is fed strictly raw (meat & vegetable) in...
  7. Question about Freshpet

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hi Guys: Really new to the site.. My boyfriend and I are going to be the new ma and pa of a lil dobe starting end of next week and we have been researching like CRAZY! Concerning diet, we have been hearing things about raw and homemade diets. I randomly found a refrigerated meal base from a...
  8. Raw eggs to my puppy: good or bad

    Puppy Corner
    Ok, let's start a healthy debate :-) ... I google this topic and several answer about pros and cons of giving raw eggs to your puppy. Some say they can get salmonella...other say biotin will affect food absorption ... some say give the yellow part... others say give both ... What is true and...
  9. Flatulance eradicated

    Doberman Health
    I've lived with Dobermans for the past 14 years and one of the issues they always had was flatulance. This is something the breeder told me to expect at the outset, and something I have heard other Doberman owners talk about commonly, so I never thought much about it. Over the years, this...
  10. Those who went raw cold turkey

    Doberman Health
    Did your dobe have diarrhea when you did the switch? How long did s/he have the runs? I switched Zeus over today and it's just explosive. like a bomb. the kind i have to pick up.