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  1. Puppy Love

    Zoe with her little bone :)
  2. Puppy Corner
    Hey everyone! Jack has been averaging around 3lbs a week in weight gain and is already 20lbs! Also started posting yesterday after he got his stitches out (poor fella wasn't too happy about that..) Anyways I had a quick question, the vet that did the crop told me to take his posts out every 2...
  3. Puppy Corner
    Hi Everyone - Here is a long overdue post with some photos of my dobie, Bones (or Boner as we like to call him sometimes)! :) He is almost 6 months and JUST started puppy classes (we should have taken him earlier)! Sorry some of the photos are blurry, they were taken with my Blackberry! I've...
  4. Puppy Corner
    UGGGGG I can't take this anymore!!! I so want to see pictures of our new baby girl - a litter of 3 was born (all girls) from the breeder we got Seti from (our 6+ year old dobergirl) Excellent Doberman i am soooooooo excited! since I haven't seen my baby - post pictures here of your baby...
1-4 of 4 Results