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puppy 12 weeks

  1. New puppy got ears done! Help!

    Puppy Corner
    :roflmao::roflmao:I just got my baby girls ears done yesterday, and have another dog that is very eager to play. When can they play again?
  2. Why my puppy is so under weight?

    Puppy Corner
    I have Marley for 3 weeks now , she is 12 weeks old today and she only weights 3.6 kgs while she is supposed to be around 10kg. She had Worms a lot of them and she was sick till last week but know she is getting better. Is that really skinny? I feed her with profine lamb and potatoes. She also...
  3. Bad luck with Blue Buffalo Puppy?!

    Food and Feeding
    Hi All! I know there isn't necessarily one right or wrong answer nor is there one food that is right for every pup, however I am just looking to see if anyone has experienced something similar. We have a 12 week old female dobie who has bad gas and wet stools. We transitioned her from a...