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  1. New member introduction
    Wow, it's surreal I am actually posting on dobermantalk. I have been creeping on this site since I was in high school, learning about dobermans and falling in love with them everyday. Now, years later, recent college grad and young professional, I can finally post myself! I got the doberman of...
  2. Puppy Corner
    Hello everyone! I have been googling all things dobermans for the past couple of weeks and it all comes back to this site. I love reading it and following the forums so i figured why not join and just ask you guys my questions. I have plenty- So my babies name is Jemma, she is blue and born on...
  3. Ear Cropping and Posting
    After purchasing my doberman puppy (ears uncropped) I found out that ear cropping is illegal in Manitoba. :mad: I'm willing to take a drive to Ontario or Saskatchewan but I was also unaware that most places limit the cropping to 12 weeks of age! She's now 11 weeks. I understand the cartilage...
1-3 of 3 Results