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prong collar

  1. Prong collar for puppy?

    Puppy Corner
    Hi all :) Khaleesi is now just a little over 5 months old. She was a breeze on the lead up until about a month ago. We would spray her with a water bottle if the lead got tight and gently tug back whilst giving a correction of "no". Now she will sometimes flinch if you say no as she thinks...
  2. Prong Collar Safety Net

    General Training & Obedience
    Harch has a prong collar that detaches via clip instead of a slip on. I know these are more prone to coming apart, and ours has once or twice. I did some searching & most people use a slip/choke collar as a backup plan, but I didn't want him wearing 3 collars when going out for a walk (at least...