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  1. Doberman Related Chat
    Hey there!! Looking for some advice on a long standing discussion at my house...weighing heavy on my heart... My wife is pregnant and her due date is in 2 months. Our dob is 7, well-behaved although not trained very well (lots of anxiety led to unsuccessful training/obedience classes). He has...
  2. General Training & Obedience
    Hi, i'm after some help while I'm waiting to get a profession trainer in. My Dobermann bitch is almost 3yrs and she is currently 8 weeks pregnant. She has always been very well behaved, she's never been aggressive (except her hatred of motorbikes!), she's been well socialised and loved playing...
  3. Doberman Health
    My husband is in the miltary. I owned rescued Dobermans before. They lived to the age of 13-14yrs on a raw mixed diet. His co-worker knew I had experience with Dobermans, his aunt has a kennel. She mainly breeds huskies but had a pen of four Dobermans. She didn't want to deal with them anymore...
1-3 of 3 Results