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  1. Photographer friends I NEED your help!! :)

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    Im stuck... I cant decided!! I need some composition advice. I managed to get this little guy to give me a super cute irresistible head tilt and I want to enter one of these photos for the zoo annual contest. Just not sure which one The straight on shot has more emphasis in the tilt but my...
  2. Having a little contest Need your help!

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    I have been really getting into photography for a while now and though I'm in the beginning stages and still a little inexperienced, a little business is definitely something I want to persue! I never realized how much interest there was in selling my pictures I took at lure coursing events...
  3. Pet Portrait Fundraiser!

    Doberman Rescue
    First, I'd like to say I've talked to the admin and have been given the green light to post this event and information regarding it. So, I am very excited to introduce this and I am hoping that it will produce plenty of donations for our local North Texas rescues. For the month of September...
  4. Darkroom/photographers!

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    Today my husband is finishing up my darkroom! He even took the day off to finish it! I cant freaking wait!!!! I was just curious if anyone on here was into photography? Ive noticed a lot of people are, do you like digital, or the 35 mm? In this day and age digital is so 'easy' and quick, does...