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  1. Ideas for winter blues?

    General Training & Obedience
    Hello! I'm new to the site, and I can't stress how helpful I've found it since getting my puppy Dante! There's a couple things I was wondering about that I haven't been able to figure out for sure and I'm wondering if there's anyone who's been in the same boat(s). We got the puppy later than...
  2. 3 month old Mila- crate training and fear of strangers

    Puppy Corner
    Hi All, We would like to introduce Mila, our 14 week old dobe! We have had her for about 6 weeks now and most things are going great! A few questions and need for advice though... First, we are crate training her while we are at work. Either my boyfriend or I will stop home at lunch and take...
  3. Help !

    Puppy Corner
    hi my name is sandra and i am a new member here , i got a new Doberman puppy, we named him Rum, he was bored on 14/5/2012 he's 11 weeks old now and am having a really hard time training him i've never had a dog before and i have a lot of questions to ask and i need help ! 1- when is the best...
  4. Juvenile Renal Disease

    Doberman Health
    I've had my lovely Mr. Rocco for one month only to discover that he has Juvenile Renal Disease. He is a re-homed two year old male. My poor boy is now peeing in the house because he can't make it through the night. He is also continually losing weight. I am of course navigating through this...
  5. 2year old peeing in the house

    Doberman Related Chat
    6 months ago i rescued a 2 year old black and tan dobie she was an outside dog but at our house she is an inside dog. she knows that peeing inside is bad and knows to go outside, but at night or when we are not near by she doesn't warn us, she just goes. when i see the pee spot and she know she...