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  1. Understanding European Pedigree

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hello, My family has been looking for a European Doberman for quite some time and may have found the breeder we might be purchasing a puppy from. I was reading into the pedigree of the dam a bit last night and found something quite disturbing. The dam is an import from Ukraine, a kennel called...
  2. Help figuring out my adopted dobie's pedigree

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hello! My husband and I adopted our wonderful sweet doberman boy (Broo, "brew") almost 2 years ago from the Houston Area Doberman Rescue. He will be 10 years old in January. When we adopted him, we were given some vaccination records and a copy of his pedigree. Reading through this site, I can...
  3. Alert - someone selling pedigree and AKC papers

    Breeding and Breeders
    This is an ad i saw on ebay classifieds. doberman altobello pedigree papers and akc when i called the person who posted the ad said they were just selling papers not a dog. when i asked who would want to buy them they said someone who is breeding and needs papers. i assume this is illegal. is...
  4. .::Need a good american breeder::.

    Breeding and Breeders
    Im looking for a really good breeder who is willing to ship a puppy all the way to australia preferably pedigree and cropped and docked not really looking for show quality but good blood lines for personal protection also preferably male because i already have a female dobie :) also it is a...
  5. Questions about a Strange Breeder

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hello all-- I recently responded to an ad on Kijiji for Doberman puppies. I noticed that there were four black and rust females in the litter. The breeder wanted $800--this is in Southern Ontario. The ad stated that the parents were Euro imports and the grandparents were International...
  6. Deaf Dobermans

    New member introduction
    I am new to this forum. I am a PhD medical geneticist interested in hearing and vision disorders. I had heard that some dobermans had a special type of deafness and I am interested in tracing their lineage. The hearing loss would be almost total and would have been present the first year...