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obedience training

  1. Teach to look at me on walks?

    General Training & Obedience
    Hello everyone, I was wondering, how do you teach your Dobe to look at you while on a walk? I see this all the time in the show ring, and it would be super useful for me. Yen is so gentle and friendly when we go on walks, but anytime she sees a squirrel or other dog she perks up and 100%...
  2. Import puppy?

    Breeding and Breeders
    I am considering bying a doberman from a foreign breeder because I live in Norway and the quality of breeders is somewhat limited. However, I have some worries, and I was hoping that someone could help me. :laugh: I want to show the dog, as well as do obedience and agility and possibly other...
  3. How's my progress in puppy training

    General Training & Obedience
    Hi all! This is my first post although I have been looking at threads for a long time! I have a now 21 week old Doberman girl called Khaleesi! She's very intelligent and has learnt so quickly. I'm teaching her a new thing every week or two now.. Which means training has slowed down recently...
  4. Greetings from sunny Florida!

    New member introduction
    Thank you for the wonderful information on! We just adopted Turbo (2 yrs old), the most beautiful, loving and obedient Doberman. He was picked up as a "stray" and had suffered a huge bite would on his right shoulder that likely could have been fatal but his medical care was...
  5. Obedience Training for Puppies

    General Training & Obedience
    Hello everybody this is my second post. So you can understand i am new on this forum. I am a dog trainer & I choosen this profession because i love dogs. So in this post i am not going to write a lot. I am starting my discussion with a simple question. For making my training best i want some...
  6. Good Chew Toys

    Puppy Corner
    Does anyone have any ideas for good chew toys? my 6 month old has now destroyed my couch and several pairs of shoes and i have had enough. we are always watching him, but twice he has gotten out of his Kennel and had some "free" time in the house for a few minutes that didn't end well. i know he...
  7. Distraction Training 4 mo. old

    General Training & Obedience
    We have been training our Dobe Blade since before he was 3 months using the Command Collar. Here is some of his progress. :nicejob: Leave us feedback and comments! :thanx: Eoo8r6awrPM&context=C3119bbcADOEgsToPDskITwQQ8QUN2CF17GDMWJANJ
  8. Interesting Dog Tricks

    Doberman Related Chat
    I didn't find any recent results when I did a search for a question like this, so let me know if there is. I was curious if you guys have trained your dogs to do any tricks that are not the standard tricks (shake, speak, bang/sleep/rollover), possibly even a combination of tricks (get me a...
  9. Help: Barking and lunging at the neighbors

    General Training & Obedience
    My boyfriend and I got our pup at the age of 12 weeks from a breeder, she is 4.5 months old now. Recently she's developed a problem of going CRAZY when she sees the neighbors. Her hair stands up, she starts barking, lunging and she won't stop, even when the neighbor is out of her sight, she'll...
  10. When should puppies begin to watch/guard?

    Puppy Corner
    I have a 20 week old female Dobe. She is in puppy obedience class, and is very well socialized. We go out to train in public 2-3 times a week - in the pet stores and out on the sidewalks, etc. She is smart and very alert already to anything new around the house. Last evening, when we were in my...