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  1. Breeding and Breeders
    Hi, Looking for reputable breeders in this area. Also, a follow-up question, I keep seeing prices for puppies in the 4K+ range, it looks like these are usually European puppies, if you know is that what the price range for an American puppy would be? My main goals are to adopt a healthy...
  2. Breeding and Breeders
    I have been looking into Doberman and breeders for over 5 years now, narrowing down exactly what I am looking for in a dog. I am a professional dog trainer and I have very big goals in mind for my dog. I have a few breeders I like, but almost all of them would require me to import a dog from out...
  3. Doberman Rescue
    Hello all, I am very new to this forum but it is great to see that all off us share the same love for this majestic breed. I am looking to adopt/rescue a doberman and am kindly asking for any feedback on where to look. I currently live in NC but do not mind traveling a reasonable distance if I...
  4. Breeding and Breeders
    Hello all, I'm looking for a doberman breeder to get a puppy for my family and I. I've always had dobermans growing up; I am now on my own and I have a 2 year old son and am ready to purchase one so he can do the same! Unfortunately our most recent breeder is no longer breeding dobermans. I'm...
  5. Breeding and Breeders
    I'm looking to get a black male Doberman from a good, reputable breeder somewhere in or around North Carolina. The dog isn't for breeding or show, but I still want him to come from a good, solid bloodline. Has anyone had any experience buying around this area?
  6. Breeding and Breeders
    Thought this thread wasn't getting the attention it deserves. --> While a lot disgusts me how humanity treats animals that these monsters who forced this crippled dog to welp a litter is a whole other level of evil...
  7. Breeding and Breeders
    I have had a very bad experience and want to warn others. This breeder has a very nice website, and sounded legitimate. We signed a contract, and I sent over a $200 deposit for a $1600 black male pup when he was a week old. I planned to come see him when he was 6 weeks old. But soon after my...
  8. Breeding and Breeders
    I'm looking for my fist Doberman. I live in Raleigh, NC and I am looking for breeders around the area. I will travel up to three hours away to pick up my puppy.
  9. Southeast US Region
    I live right on the coast of north Carolina and I'm looking for a good, reputable, Affordable vet hopefully near my location to get my puppy's ears done. I live in Jacksonville and the nearest surrounding cities are Wilmington, Greenville, kinston, and Raleigh. Thanks for any input in advance:)
  10. Doberman Health
    Does anyone have a recommendation for a knowledgable Doberman vet in the Charlotte, NC area? Thanks!
1-10 of 10 Results