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  1. Breeder Advice Requested

    Breeding and Breeders
    I want to thank you for the detailed information! Not sure I would have any luck without this forum. That being said, I'm looking to raise a Doberman Pinscher as my first pup. After a fair amount of research for rescues, my biggest issues were transport, age, and odds of relapse. I started...
  2. Introduction - Wannabe dobie owner

    New member introduction
    Hi, I'm Timmo, from Los Angeles. My best friend as a teenager was a wonderful red dobie name Damien. I've always loved the breed. However, I went down the rottweiler route, and have been owned by two Rottie boys. Blitz lived to be almost 14, but the second, Otto, died about a year ago at 7 of...
  3. Newbie

    New member introduction
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, but not new to dobermans. Have owned and been owned by dobies for 10 years. Recently lost my lovely Lily to complications from CAH. We successfully treated this disease for five years, but it was too much for her at the end. Lost our big male Zach in February to an...
  4. Intro Post / Are Dobermans happy in the Okanagan?

    Canada Region
    Greetings All, brand spanking-new member here with no dogs to my name - we have fish. I'm a lifelong asthmatic who's also a diehard (get it?) animal lover, and dog lover in particular, and to that end I've started down the road of allergy shots. I'm about 6 months into the treatment, am...
  5. Hello from SEMO!

    New member introduction
    Hello, friends! I've been lurking for quite some time now, so I thought I'd say hello. I love this wonderful resource and have learned so much already, so thank you! I don't have a doberman yet, but I'm looking forward to it. As seems to be rising in popularity (and I did read all those...
  6. Newbie

    New member introduction
    New to site but not Dobermans. Hace had a dobermans in my life since 1979. I don't breed them but have had one since then. Welcoming a new girl this Friday to the pack. Currently 1 Doberman, Black/Rust, Spayed Female pictured here and Jack Russel Terrier and a Bichon Frise. Love them Dobes!
  7. show quality/how to get started

    The Show Ring
    How do you know if your dog is show quality? I really know nothing about showing, but I would loooove to get into it. I just don't know where I would even start the process. suggestions/advice?
  8. new member from midwest

    New member introduction
    I have a 3mth old red female doberman named Harley. This is my first doberman owned. My other dog is an 11 yr male German Shepard named Bear. We also had a female GSD named Greta, who passed away last summer. We have always had GSD and decided to go with a doby, because we wanted a dog in...
  9. New member, Hi!

    New member introduction
    I just registered to the site and wanted to let you all know how much info/help I've gotten just reading the forums. I have a 10 month old Doberman I adopted from a co-worker who could no longer take care of him. I have lots of questions not only about the breed, but dogs in general. I have...
  10. New to Dobermans and this site.

    New member introduction
    Hello, my husband has given me an 8 week old pure bred doberman pinscher as a gift and new addition to our family. Yesterday was his first day, he has met our two cats, our 15 year old yorki, 11 year old jack russell terrier and our 8 year old chihuahua, not to mention our two cats. So far so...
  11. Hello from a sad heart...

    New member introduction
    Hello. I've found a lot of comfort in reading your stories here the past few days. We lost our 9 year old Dobie, Hanz, on Thursday (04/12/12). He was killed in a tragic car accident after one of our children left the gate open. He and his littermate, Gus, went on a wild adventure to the golf...
  12. Hi everyone , new here from NJ

    New member introduction
    Hi , I am a big newbie here. I have been checking out these forums for a while now and finding them extremely informative have finally joined. This is one of my steps for my family to in the future become a Dobie family :) We have yet to experience the joy of a Doberman in the family but are...
  13. Dobie Newbie

    New member introduction
    Hey there!! First off,let me tell you how i ended up here! about a few weeks back,me along with my roommates,were discussing trivial college stuff,when the topic of dogs came up..we all got fired up,In the evening,we bought EVA!!:) At first,bringing up a doberman seemed child's play and we were...
  14. Hi from Glasgow

    New member introduction
    Hello everybody! I'm Brooke & I'm 14 and stay in Glasgow. I have always loved dobies and they have always been my absaloute favourite of all large breeds (favourite small dog is a pug hehe) I have always been involved in training dogs and really interested in them. After the death of my gorgeous...
  15. Newb here, have an 8 week old and a few questions

    Puppy Corner
    Hello all, my very first post. I did a bad thing I realize now which is buy a Doberman about an hour from where I live from a "BYB" in Tucson, AZ. He's 8 weeks old today, I'll be taking him in to the town's favorite vet for a full physical, etc. I hope to post pictures soon. My kids come up...