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  1. Breeding and Breeders
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a great breeder - one who has great health in their lines, as well as awesome temperaments. I've never had a dobie and after much effort, have decided to go the puppy route as opposed to adoption. Because I'm in Vancouver, BC, I'm willing to travel to get a dog...
  2. New member introduction
    Greetings Everyone. I'm from a small city in Wisconsin where both my partner and I are fortunate to say that we now have four happy faces in our family. Our precious Tangerine (adopted adult cat) that we've had for five years and now we also have our sweet four year old Mocha. This will be my...
  3. New member introduction
    Hi New to forum, duh. I have a 2 month old Dobie, 6 month old golden, and 10 yr old golden. I am in the DC area, where i do not see many of this breed. My first Dobie was Ceyenne, she is the one i use in my pics. Best Best Best dog eva! had to give her up, due to financial craziness, about 6...
1-3 of 3 Results