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new puppy

  1. New member from Miami :)

    New member introduction
    Hello, My name is Andrew and I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I recently purchased my Dobby Puppy Bailey, she will be 12 weeks old this Sunday.. As a first time puppy/dobby owner I'm glad I met someone at the dog park who referred me here for guidance. Any tips on the new pup? I am...
  2. Breeder recommendation in WA State or in any states on the West Coast

    Northwest US Region
    Hi, we are looking for a reputable breeder, preferably in Washington State (but we are open to the whole West Coast). It would be great if the breeder had a puppy that's available right now (early summer 2017). If you'd like, you can send me a private msg. Thank you everyone.
  3. Accidentally got a doberman pup?

    New member introduction
    Hey! I am new here and my boyfriend and I accidentally rescued a doberman puppy at 8 weeks old. We were on craigslist after planning to get a puppy and he found some healthy looking puppies. They said they were Blue Heelers and he got super excited. I honestly had no idea what breed that was. Am...
  4. Welcome our new pup, Hera. :)

    Puppy Corner
  5. How did you spend your first days/nights?

    Puppy Corner
    I am waiting and waiting and waiting for my new baby, 3 more long weeks to go:) I started this long wait 6 months ago, so at this point I can hardly stand it. I am wondering how you spent your first days and nights with your pups while starting to crate. The need to introduce the crate slowly...
  6. Parvovirus

    Puppy Corner
    I'm getting a new doberman puppy in a few weeks, but I'm a bit worried because my friend's dog, who hasn't had yearly vaccinations, is staying with us at the moment. He's going to leave before my puppy gets here, but is there a chance that if he carries parvovirus he might leave it behind and...
  7. Training methods...opinions?

    General Training & Obedience
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and will soon be new to Doberman ownership as I am hoping to purchase a puppy in about 6 months time. I was just looking for opinions on training methods. I've heard of clicker training and traditional training and was wondering which one is better/more...
  8. NEW Female Doberman Owner - Would love any tips!!

    Puppy Corner
    Hey Everyone! I'm so excited to have adopted an 8 week old fawn doberman. She is such a sweetheart. I haven't owned a doberman before and I wanted to get some tips or advice. I noticed that she seems to always need to be touching. I wouldn't say I'm concerned, but even if I'm sitting on the...
  9. Planning on a new puppy! Help appreciated. :)

    Puppy Corner
    Hello everyone! Although this won't be happening until next July or August 2014, I'm hoping to add a doberman puppy to our family. I feel there's still so much I don't know or could learn from everyone and reading your posts for the past month, I've finally decided to join the group and get...
  10. Ganon! My super clingy and very opinionted Dobie!

    New member introduction
    GANONDORF Ganon for short. This is my nine week old monster. A little more about our tiny family, Ganon came to me on my birthday [May first] I am a single mother of an ALMOST year old baby girl who is absolutely obsessed with Ganon. We live in Ventura, California where I am a dog groomer. Ganon...
  11. It's a BOY <3

    Puppy Corner
    Picked up my doby puppy today, a 4 hour drive to Michigan from Chicago and back x_X but it was worth it! He's very even tempered, follows me everywhere and lays down at every chance he can get (Lazy). Biggest out of his litter...i think were going to need bigger food bowls...(lol) We thought...
  12. New to site- First Dobie puppy. Seeking advice from the seasoned :)

    Puppy Corner
    Hello there! I am new to this forum and above all else Doberman ownership. I am soon going to be the proud parent of (hopefully) a red male. I am due to meet him sometime soon. At any rate, I will be having his ears cropped (IMO I love their regal appearance, and understand a majority of what it...
  13. Ear Cropping How Painful?

    Doberman Health
    Hello, I am getting my first Doberman puppy in a few weeks time and I am trying to decide whether or not to get his ears cropped. I was hoping other dog owners could tell me what their puppy was like after the came home from surgery? Did they seem like they were in a lot of pain? I have found...
  14. New from Montréal

    New member introduction
    Hi. My name is Stéphanie. I adopter a dobbie from a shelter. He had pretty blue eyes as a puppy. I named him Dexter. He now has green eyes at 3 months. He is very thin and small so I am curious to see how he will be grown up.
  15. New here have ?'s

    Puppy Corner
    Hi I am new here We just got our first Dobe. His name is zeus he will be 8 weeks tomorrow. We got him Saturday evening. So this is day 3 I guess and a rough one. I have another dog a Malti-poo. Very passive easy going dog. This new puppy wont leave him alone. chases him everywhere. When he gets...
  16. New Puppy

    New Puppy

    Little red girl
  17. New Puppy

    New Puppy

    Little red girl