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  1. HELP! Should I Keep my male intact???

    Doberman Health
    Hello everyone! I have a 3 year old intact male doberman and I love him to death. He has no real aggression problems except with unfamiliar intact males (he does great when introduced slowly). He's a big boy, he is easily distracted by other dogs but I think that mostly my fault for not being...
  2. Neutered at 14 months

    Doberman Health
    I found this forum to be helpful in deciding whether/when to neuter and thus I will share my experience in hopes that it will help someone else. I adopted Muthu from another family approximately 3 weeks ago (they could no longer take care of him for a health reason). He was 14 months old at...
  3. Neutering

    Puppy Corner
    What is everyone's opinion on timing for neutering...some people say the earlier the better, some say around 6 months & some say after they have matured.....just curious -with doberman specific people-what everyone's thoughts are :)
  4. when to neuter/ controlling bowe

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hi all. I have a 5 month old boy who seems to be scared sh**less of everything. He gets carsick, which I understand, and will sometimes throw up. Right when we get out of the car he squats and empties his bowels as if he has no control over it. It is extremely watery every time, this also...
  5. Running to early?

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hi, My name is devrie. My dog Maximus is a very active 10 1/2 month old. I just found your site and I am now a little concerned. Our local vet has been encourage us to run and or walk him everyday to help with energy. They also encouraged us to get him neutered at 6 months. I have been running...
  6. Neuter Questions

    Doberman Health
    Well our Luciano (Lucci) just turned 2 years and we are looking to neuter him. We haven't had any aggression issues, no marking in the house, etc. The only behaviour that I hope neutering will correct is his whines! He crys quite often, just a high pitched, somewhat quiet cry at home, at the...
  7. Neutering Questions

    Puppy Corner
    I have a couple questions about neutering. The neuter was included in the adoption fee. Has to be after marching season if so. Only have time for a nice walk and one short training session and little or no training or walking in November due to heavy marching practices after school. 1) Should...
  8. To neuter or not to neuter?

    Doberman Related Chat
    My puppy is almost 12 weeks, and I can't decide wether or not I want to fix him.. I am NOT plannin on breeding him, however I don't see why I should neuter him, or if I decide to if I should wait so he muscles up nice while the testosterone is still going.. We are going to take obidience classes...