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natural tail

  1. Looking for All Natural Doberman Puppy

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi everyone This is my first post on DT. Our 13 year old all natural dobbie just passed away and we feel a huge gap in our lives. Looking for reputable breeders that are willing to sell us an all natural female puppy (ears and tail intact) in the next few months. We live in Southern California...
  2. Hello from Huntersville (Charlotte), NC

    New member introduction
    Hello! I'm Scott from Huntersville, NC. My family rescued a mixed breed dog last year. I was the hold out. I always thought of myself as preferring long haired breeds like Golden Retrievers or Shepherds but, the wife and kids were persistent! Her mother was a beautiful brindled sable...
  3. Looking for American Breeder - Natural Ears and with a Natural Tail!

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hello everyone I live in Switzerland and am doing my 'homework' already for getting my future Dobermann. Cropping and Docking is illegal in most western European Countries and I can therefore not import a Dog from the States that is cropped or docked ( I can't even adopt one!). The laws are...