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  1. dremel 3000 or which dremel to buy?

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hi, I have been looking but can't see my query in past posts. Sorry if it is there somewhere! I want to buy a dremel for nail cutting but am not sure which one to buy. I have seen dremel 3000, 4000 and dremel 7700 (cordless) but none of the other types mentioned here. Does anyone have...
  2. Doberman getting nails done by child on Reddit

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    I saw this picture on Reddit. Currently, this is one of the most highly commented topics on Reddit. This is my daughter doing my doberman's nails. Enjoy - (I am not responsible for the comments)
  3. Nail Care - Trim or File?

    Doberman Health
    [Sorry if this has been covered; I never have much luck with the search.] Which do you prefer, and why? Please also include the style of clippers/scissors or file apparatus.

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    Okay i have seen all sorts of topics here and i was curious to know which is better for nail care? clipping or grinding and why? i have a 6 month old and i have always used a grinder but am curious as to other Dobs owners out there.