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  1. Doberman Rescue
    We're fostering four Doberman mix puppies looking for a home. ? North Carolina Doberman Pinscher Rescue ? ADOPTIONS ?*RescueMe.Org Currently in Eastern PA. Contact Furever Homes Doberman Rescue (found in Facebook) [email protected]
  2. Breeding and Breeders
    Hello, I'm living down in Mexico in Puerto Vallarta, and Habana (my bitch) will have her 4th heat, and I want to breed her, but here, in this area, I can't find a Pedigree American Doberman male, I found an European one, and I've been wondering, if I put them together, would that be good? what...
  3. Puppy Corner
    Hi all, Recently adopted a pup from the animal shelter in my hometown; 3 month old female. I was told she was a Doberman, most likely some sort of mix (mostly because they don't see pure-bred Dobes running around town often). Can anyone tell what the other breed in her might be? I realize it...
  4. Puppy Corner
    I have a 4 month old Doberman mix. I noticed a while back that there's a bone in the middle of her chest that sticks out quite a bit. I was just wondering if that's normal or if it's something that needs to be looked at. It doesn't seem to bug her but I'm worried about it becoming more of a...
  5. Gunny Lab Mix

    This is Gunny my sons dog which misses our other Dob Buddy so unreal, i didnt know if he was gonnna make it when Buddy passed on . a few months ago. So he will be so happy for a new little Buddy to play with.
  6. Fender

    Fender, 8 months, Doberman/BC/GSD
1-6 of 7 Results