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  1. Meetup/Playdate GTA

    Canada Region
    Hi fellow dobie owners in GTA! My beast, Boorun, is now 9 months old and has more energy than ever. He is very selective which dogs/breeds he plays with, usually concentrating on me, but never misses a chance to run/wrestle/play with another dobie. We live in downtown Toronto, but on weekends...
  2. Austin Area Dobie Play-Date Group!

    Southcentral US Region
    Hello! My name is Yonelly Gutierrez and I own a 1 yr 3 month old red/rust male doberman. His name is Harley :D I created a doberman meetup group in Austin, TX and was wondering if any of you live in the Austin area and would like to meet other doberman owners here in Austin at public parks so...
  3. Los Angeles Doberman Meetup

    Doberman Related Chat
    So I Would like to start a Meet up (play date if you will) group for Dobermans. Nothing fancy just a group of dobermans meeting up maybe once a month just to start at different dog parks around LA. My dobie Belial is great with other dogs but when he is around his own breed there really is...
  4. Toronto Doberman Pinscher Meetup Group

    Doberman Related Chat
    Welcoming all new members! This group is for the king of all dogs - the doberman! Come and join us for a great dober play date! Toronto Doberman Pinscher Meetup Group Meetups will always involve plenty of Doberman playtime + occasional interactive programs for humans on topics of interest...