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  1. Doberman Health
    Hello everyone! I have a 3 year old intact male doberman and I love him to death. He has no real aggression problems except with unfamiliar intact males (he does great when introduced slowly). He's a big boy, he is easily distracted by other dogs but I think that mostly my fault for not being...
  2. Doberman Rescue
    We recently lost our beloved companion Doberman, Dasher. We are hoping to find another Doberman to adopt to add to our family. We are both retired, are very active, and live in Maryland. We hope to adopt a 1-3 year old, black and tan, male Doberman that loves to go for walks, is great with...
  3. Puppy Corner
    Hello everybody, I have been looking for a Doberman puppy for a while now and have not had much success finding the right breeder. In no small part because this is my first time getting one on my own. In the past I grew up with Dobies but that was a while ago. Plenty of BYB/sketchy breeders...
  4. Puppy Corner
    Hello everyone! I'm new to forum but saw how helpful everyone is in regards to answering questions, so i figured I could give it a try. I'm concerned I may have stunted my dogs growth from when he was little because of my job. I was working 3 12 hour days where he had to stay locked up the...
  5. Doberman Health
    Hi everyone! I have a question about mood swings, and if such a thing is common in in-tact males. A little background info about my boy: *16 months old, approximately 96 lbs. and definitely has some more filling out to do *No known health issues to date *VERY high energy *American/European...
  6. Doberman Rescue
    Hello I am posting this thread because I have a 10 month old, male, black and tan Dobe who needs a new home. First I want to say, it breaks my heart do have to re-home him, but I feel it's what is best for him and my family. He is intelligent, beautiful, and energetic. He knows commands, but...
  7. Puppy Corner
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a puppy mid-summer but I'm having a lot of trouble finding a reputable breeder who is planning a litter for that time. Prices on Puppyfind seem a bit arbitrary, so I'm looking for some one in the local region. I'm in northern VA. I actually work in software development so...
  8. Puppy Corner
    My puppy recently turned 8 months and he is currently un-neutered. I had two questions, the first is should I wait until 18 months (read online and breeder said to wait) or do it now at 8 months (vet would have preferred to do it at 6 months). I know everyones opinion is different but I'm having...
  9. Breeding and Breeders
    Hi Everyone, I am very thankful to all who contribute here so that I (and anyone else) can research and get the best recommendations and help in choosing, raising and caring for a Doberman. I am located in Los Angeles California, however from reading on the forum there are not the best...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello yall, I have some mixed emotions right now, I just got done bathing and feeding dozer, he is a doberman that my husband found at his job site today. But at the same time I am sad, he is very malnourished. And I dont know how old he is, we fed him and have an early appintment with our...
  11. Doberman Related Chat
    I would love to see pictures of everybodys Dobermans! :) Here is one of mine!
  12. Breeding and Breeders
    I'm looking to get a black male Doberman from a good, reputable breeder somewhere in or around North Carolina. The dog isn't for breeding or show, but I still want him to come from a good, solid bloodline. Has anyone had any experience buying around this area?
  13. Running Running Running!

    Running through my now dead garden (thanks Arizona heat!)
  14. 7 Months Old

    My handsome boy is growing up so fast! :')
  15. Dante Out On A Walk

    5 1/2 months old.
1-17 of 67 Results