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loose stool

  1. Loose Stool

    Puppy Corner
    Hello! I've perused other posts about loose stools, and I think I may be overfeeding my pup a little. He eats Taste of the Wild, High Prairie Puppy Formula, and we were feeding him 5 cups a day, divided by 3 times a day. (2 in the morning at 5:30am, one at noon, and two at around 6:30pm) But...
  2. Iams vs Pro Plan vs Holistic Select for 6 month old

    Food and Feeding
    Hi everyone! I'm new here. I owned my previous Dobe for 11 years and lost him to cancer in October. I have a 6 month old red boy now named Drake & I need some food advice. Breeder had him on Iams Proactive Health Large Breed Adult from day one, so I kept him on it. He looks beautiful, no gas...
  3. Question About Stools and Pooping

    Doberman Health
    I have an 11-month old male doberman. For the last 3 months, he has had what I would call pudding poops, and his stool is not firm. We took him to the vet then and was tested for and proved positive for Giardia. We treated him for that, and have had him tested again twice, and both came back...
  4. still having loose stool. help

    Doberman Health
    So I posted months ago about my doberman having loose stool and here we are a few months later and having the same issue. It doesn't happen all the time though but certainly often enough to be concerned. We have been using about 5 different foods, most recently blue buffalo large puppy for the...
  5. loose stools

    Doberman Health
    My 1 year old Dobie has constant loose bm. She was treated at 4 months for coccidia and follow up stools showed it was cleared up. The vet said she did have an overgrowth of chlostridium and put her on Flagyl. The follow up stool came back ok but she was put on a Yogurt typr medication to put...