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  1. My dogs and I love to get creative

    New member introduction
    Hello, I've been a member here for a little while now, utilizing the forum for my Dobie, London, who's just over a year now. I also have Zelda, a rescue (breed unknown), who's a year and a half and Layla, a 5 year old St. Bernard. I am a dog groomer in Central California, which comes in handy...
  2. Lost Doberman in London Ontario

    Canada Region
    Cross posting this...a friend had it posted to their wall. I'll be messaging the poster to let them know I have posted this here! Hope they find her REWARD - $6500 - Ontario Lost & Found - Kijiji Ontario Canada.
  3. 11 Weeks London

    11 Weeks London

    A break from posting.
  4. London