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  1. Doberman Health
    My 6 year old baby has had liver problems for coming up to two years. His alt levels started slightly elevated with no other concerns. We went back for a follow up a month later and they were the same. Went back a few weeks later and they were slightly higher so we had an ultrasound. Ultrasound...
  2. Doberman Health
    My doberman, Porsha has been acting very strange this past week. She isn't eating, has been having problems moving around, mucus poop and throwing up mucus. She is 11 years old. We took her to the vet today. Her liver enzymes were high. Her ALT was over 1000, her GGT was 45.0 and her SAP was...
  3. Doberman Health
    Hi everyone, You may recall that my Ikey boy was going through some liver issues a few months ago. Well, he had another liver biopsy and it all came back good. The copper levels had gone down and there was...
  4. Doberman Health
    Our 10 1/2 year old female Dobe started vomiting bile in October of 2011. This occurred about 1-2 times per week. Prior to this (since early 2009) her ALT (108, when 5-107 is the reference) and ALK. Phosphatase levels (866, when 10-150 is the reference) were very high. Her blood work was...
  5. Nico Blauen Panzer

    My blue male doberman at 3,6, and 9 weeks.
  6. Tia

    Doberman Health
    I posted a thread about a week ago telling you about my 23 month old dobie Tia who has got chronic liver problems. Shes gone really downhill since I last posted, no eating, lost loads of weight, no energy, sleeping 24/7. My family has come to the decision that its time to let her go to doggy...
1-6 of 6 Results