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liver disease

  1. Extremely high ALT liver count - help

    Doberman Health
    My baby Diesel, only 5 year old, is supposed to weigh 80 pounds. He weighs 60. His dramatic weight loss led me to the vet. We did bloodwork, his ALT liver count was EXTREMELY HIGH a month ago, I had it rechecked, it went up, and rechecked on Saturday, up again. Normal levels are below 118-ish...
  2. CAH/liver disease - Bedtime readings

    Doberman Health
    I thought I'd start a thread where can dump all articles we stumble across about CAH/liver disease in one place to be used a resource/reference. (both journal articles and more lay articles to cover all levels of understanding). If there's a thread already like it somewhere....I apologise for...
  3. My new puppy has a Liver Shunt

    Puppy Corner
    My new puppy has been diagnosed with a liver shunt. What should I do? My new vet is leading me to surgery. I just had to put down my 10 year Dobie after not making it through a tumor removal. My family had a hard time when I put the 10 year old down. Be easy on me with your answers this...
  4. Zillah's gone back downhill rapidly

    Doberman Health
    ...and he'd been improving enough to convince myself he was ok & just a stress baby. (doing the mental head kick to myself now for not trusting my instincts and pushing the vet to do the tests I requested in the first instance! grrr @ me! ...there was a part of me that knew he still wasn't...