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  1. Doberman Health
    We have a 3 year old male dob that we feed 100% raw (plus veg and fruits). He has started licking himself (anywhere he can reach) until he creates a puddle or soaked himself completely. He's been doing this for the last year or two and I never thought anything of it, but thought I would ask a...
  2. Doberman Health
    Hi guys, I'm hoping somebody will be able to help or enlighten me, please. Mid September I boarded my boy in a kennel I hadn't used before (the kennel I normally use was fully booked) for a long weekend. NOTE - I had forgotten to take off his check-chain when I left him. On his return I...
  3. Doberman Health
    Hi, My 7 mo dobie is biting/licking the tip of her tail and now has a small open wound. Her coat seems dry and flaky. I also noticed 2 small dots on the inside of her back leg that she is biting as well. We've been told it could be allergies, or not enough oil in her diet. Has anyone...
  4. Doberman Related Chat
    Hi guys, Does anybody have any idea why my dog occasionally mouths himself in an aggressive looking manner? It's not licking, biting or scratching, it's mouthing. Thanks.
  5. Puppy Corner
    My dog Murphy is about 11 months old. He has been licking his back right hind leg (not the left) and has been doing so for a few weeks. This didnt seem abnormal because he licks absolutely everything all of the time. But he seems to be obsessive about this leg to lick and now he is starting...
  6. Doberman Health
    Hi all - This is our first post to this site and we are hoping someone can help us! We live in Upstate NY (USA) and it is currently winter here. Harley turned 2 on Valentines Day, he is a black and tan. About 2 months ago we noticed he had a small bald patch on his back near his hind quarter...
1-6 of 6 Results