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leanne's puppy

  1. Exploring The Yard

    Exploring The Yard

    Vito checks out the yard and all the fun plants.
  2. Vito All Worn Out

    Vito All Worn Out

    It was a long day of playing.
  3. Day 1 - Sleepy

    Day 1 - Sleepy

    He loves to cuddle when he's tired.
  4. Car Rides

    Car Rides

    Vito loves riding in cars and sits like such a little man.
  5. Day 1

    Day 1

    He was so small at first.
  6. The Don Vito

    The Don Vito

    Striking man.
  7. Vito & Gabby

    Vito & Gabby

    Vito just loves playing outside with my niece.