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  1. Need help in understanding if my Doberman is Undersized

    Doberman Health
    Firstly, I would like to mention that I adopted my Doberman from a breeder who was not sure of keeping him. My doberman was weak and also had skin problems when he was young. I know for sure that his parents were not so great either; I got it confirmed from the breeder and vet. Pictures from the...
  2. At what age does muscle develop?

    Puppy Corner
    Nico is going to be 6 months in 10 days (male), he is currently weighing 63.7 Lbs (28.8 Kgs), he looks pretty thin, not skinny but lean, at what age should he start gaining muscle mass? I have seen some really buff dobermans here in portugal and im wondering if Nico is going to be like that?