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  1. Torn Cranial Crucial Ligament

    Canada Region
    My dog Hector has damaged or torn his Cranial Crucial Ligament. My options right now are the TTA or the TPLO. I would prefer to get the TTA, however not many vets near where I live are familiar with the procedure. I live in Cold Lake, Alberta. Anybody know of any Vets in the northern Alberta...
  2. Help! Deformed legs???

    Puppy Corner
    I picked up my puppy 4 days ago and noticed his big paws right away. The breeder explained that the "bone structure" of the knee area suggests that he's going to be a big boy, she said "at least 90 lbs." Everybody who's seen him so far, notices the paws also and comments on how big he's going to...
  3. Poison,kidney,thyroid problem and knee

    Doberman Health
    Hi all, just wanted to share an experience none of you should have to face . When Sadi was 8 mths old the neighbors next door had a handyman repaint their house . Before repainting he did some repair work and sanded the entire house resulting in the dust release of arsenic, lead , chromium and...