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  1. Anyone here from the KW Area?

    Canada Region
    I know a thread was done a few years ago, but just wondering if anyone currently is from the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Just curious :) And if this curiosity leads to dobe walking meet ups... so be it ;)
  2. Impressive Canines - Kitchener, Ontario

    Canada Region
    When I first came to DT, I was looking for opinions on trainers in the Kitchener-Waterloo (Ontario) area. There were snipets here and there, but no real reviews, so I decided that I would write about my experiences for those in the DT community who are looking at training their Dobes, and for...
  3. Kitchener-Waterloo Veterinarian

    Canada Region
    I'm looking into veterinarian clinics in the KW region, and I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I'm not looking for one who does cropping, just a "normal" veterinarian clinic. :)