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  1. New member introduction
    Hello all, I have never posted on this site, but I am looking for some insight. My family and I have recently lost one of our German shepherds and are looking to add a new companion to our mix. I(27M) am going to be outright and say that I have not decided on a Doberman, but I am leaning...
  2. General Training & Obedience
    I have a 2 year old male, Hova, that becomes rowdy when i'm at work. We have two daughters, 3 and 7, and a 2 year old pit/corgi mix and a huge back yard with dog doors. The dogs play together for hours every day and I spend time with them playing in the evening. When i'm at work and he gets...
  3. Xena & Madeleine

  4. Watching Tele

  5. Guard

1-5 of 5 Results