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  1. Raw Feeding Vs. Kibble

    Puppy Corner
    Hey everyone! This Saturday I will be traveling to New Orleans to pick up my puppy from the airport. Needless to say, I am so excited and somewhat nervous because this will be my first time owning a Doberman and raising a puppy on my own. Anyways, my pup has been raised on a raw diet and I...
  2. Canadian Low Copper Kibble

    Food and Feeding
    I'm looking for a kibble available in Canada with Low Copper in it. Currently I have my liver issue dobes on Acana Duck and Bartlett Pear as it's copper is 9mg/kg. Does anyone know of another kibble(preferably grain free) that has low copper under 9mg/kg(9ppm)?
  3. What to feed (dry skin)

    Food and Feeding
    Hi guys, new to DT so bear with me. I got my Dobie Rosie a few days ago. She's around 2 (or so we where told). A little chubby but we're taking her out for lots of exercise. For a Doberman I'd say she's on the lower end of the energy scale. She's had pups before but we weren't given too much...
  4. Kirkland Premium Puppy - Any Good?

    Puppy Corner
    Hello, I've read a bit about the Kirkland dog food from Costco. Is seems that a lot of members on here are quite happy with the product. My question is in regards to the puppy line. My doberman is just 5 months and 45lbs. Since this is not a large breed puppy food, will it cause too rapid...
  5. Survey...what brand food do you feed your pup and why?

    Puppy Corner
    I have keep Wrigley on the same food as the breeder I got her from. I don't think it is the best I can give her. She has some dry skin and I think she could use a little beefing up, not that she is small, just lean. 13 weeks and 26 lbs. Just curious as to what everyone out there is feeding...