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  1. Kane

    Kane, our taller and slightly longer doberman.
  2. Kane And Family

    this is Einstein,our mix. not a dobie but idolizes one! hes gsd,husky,Rottie mix. An im sorry about the poop-pile. it was frozen and wouldnt come up.
  3. Kane And Family

    Kane and his family playing in the snow in my backyard.
  4. Kane At Aunties Feet

    Kane at my partner garilynns feet,we were cleaning that day.
  5. Kane And Beep

    Kane and his girlfriend,Beep in our living room.i snapped the shot while sweeping.
  6. Kane Looking Up At Auntie

    Kane and his auntie taking a break.
  7. Lord Of All He Serveys

    Kane and his family in the back yard. yeah lord and
1-7 of 7 Results