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  1. Puppy Corner
    Hi all, We (myself and my lovely boy Loki) are new to the forum - very excited to have found such a great source of information! Loki will be 6 months in a couple of days, and my first puppy. He is an amazing little boy, very loving, intelligent and great with other dogs and people. He is from...
  2. Puppy Corner
    Hi everyone! Firstly I want to thank everyone on here! This is an awesome community of people with tons of great advice. Many times this forum has been a life saver for me. Usually I can get the info I need by reading past threads but I didn't really find the answer I'm looking for this time so...
  3. Puppy Corner
    I was wondering what everyone suggests for a 12 week old Doberman puppy that all of a sudden starting "knuckling over" and bowing. I've done a lot of reading on this problem and it seems that proper diet (which I have her on an adult all-natural food) and possibly a vitamin supplement would...
1-3 of 3 Results