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  1. My Bookends

    My Bookends

    Two red Dobermans, Izzy and Aggie
  2. Izzy Spoiled

    Izzy Spoiled

    Her Dad sent this to me at work, she is in heat, and not feeling well, or he just likes to spoil her.
  3. Skwisgaar Eating His Foot

    Skwisgaar Eating His Foot

  4. Izzy Investigating The Camera

    Izzy Investigating The Camera

  5. Izmere Young

    Izmere Young

  6. Izmere Pooped

    Izmere Pooped

  7. 6wo Skwisgaar

    6wo Skwisgaar

  8. Skwisgaar At 6 Weeks

    Skwisgaar At 6 Weeks

    photo taken at the breeders
  9. Izmere Watching Over The Couch

    Izmere Watching Over The Couch

  10. Dobe Pups

    Dobe Pups