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  1. Tail Biting

    Doberman Health
    Hi, My 7 mo dobie is biting/licking the tip of her tail and now has a small open wound. Her coat seems dry and flaky. I also noticed 2 small dots on the inside of her back leg that she is biting as well. We've been told it could be allergies, or not enough oil in her diet. Has anyone...
  2. Dry Skin

    Puppy Corner
    Hi, our pup Max has dry skin. The vet gave us Omega 3 supplement for his food yesterday to help. He's had only 1 bath with oatmeal shampoo and we know not to shampoo too often and use wipes if needed for cleaning. It has been unusually cold here as well (he is an indoor dog, only outside for...
  3. Itchy Puppy - help!

    Doberman Health
    My 4 year old girl has been scratching herself raw recently. She is scratching mostly in her chest/stomach area (where she can reach) but I don't see any significant signs of dry skin or other ailments that may be bothering her. The scratching started right around the time it started to get cold...
  4. Hello!

    New member introduction
    Hi, I'm new here! We are first time Doberman owners and are falling in love with our new puppy. I found this group by searching for help for my new puppy who just got her ears done yesterday. She's 8 weeks old yesterday and everything was going fine except when it came time to clean her ears...
  5. Puppy Recently got Ears Cropped!!! Tries to Scratch!

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    My puppy Bella just got her ears cropped and she tries to scratch so I stopped her and for now she doesn't do it but I'm worried because she tries to rub on my feet to sleep but rubs her ears and whines, I'm mostly worried about them bleeding through the sutures when she rubs them on something...
  6. 5 month Red doberman has skin problems please help!!!

    Doberman Health
    I have a 5 month old red doberman named bella, she is very well behaved and outgoing, I have had her since she was about 9 weeks old, I have had her to the vet about 4 different times and she has been nothing but healthy had all her shots, she has had ear infections in both ears but other than...
  7. Itching Puppy :?

    Puppy Corner
    Hello once again. It seems to be that my puppy is scratching the back of her front legs with her rear legs and she also nibbles on her hind legs. She is developing hairless spots that look like dry skin. Ive talked to multiple people and everyone says its either food alergies or dry skin...
  8. Bumps and acne?

    Doberman Health
    Our pup is just 9 months, since about 4 months old she started getting really itchy, dry skin. She also started biting at her feet a lot. She was tested for allergies and came back negative...though the vet believed it could be seasonal. Since the summer is over, the biting has pretty much...