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  1. New to DT :-)

    New member introduction
    Hello everyone! :bye: I was a member of DT years ago with my last Dobe, who was the love of my life. Unfortunately, he passed away from an unexpected illness a couple years back. The members on DT were always so helpful and friendly, so thank you for that. After spending tons of time...
  2. Doberman in the Philippines for IPO.

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hi. I would like to get a Doberman i can train for IPO. I have never done this before but I will not let that stop me. I have been in love with the Doberman since i was 6years old so that would be for 26years now, but I have never owned one. In fact I have only owned 1 dog before, an English...
  3. February 2017 IPO/Schutzhund Seminar in North Texas -- Join us!

    Obedience, Agility, and Working Sports
    I wanted to share this with you all because it's always GREAT to see a good Doberman turnout at our seminars. This will be our third annual IPO seminar with Joanne Fleming. Many of you know her and know she's GREAT! February 17, 18 and 19th about an hour north of Dallas at Red River Working...
  4. Finding a trainer near Riverside, CA

    General Training & Obedience
    Hello All, I wanted to know if anyone knows of a good puppy/dog training program in the Inland Empire area/southern California? I came across both of these sites below and wanted to plan ahead and get on puppy socialization and hopefully IPO in the future. Also, IPO is very new to me, so I...
  5. How much would you pay?

    Obedience, Agility, and Working Sports
    How much would you pay for SCH classes (private and group)? What's the average going rate these days?
  6. Change in Qualification for Alternate Breeds to Represent Canada at FCI WM

    Obedience, Agility, and Working Sports
    FYI for those members on DT who train/compete in IPO and are Canadians. Announcement was just posted on the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (GSSCC) Facebook page advising of new qualifications for alternate breeds to qualify to represent Canada at FCI WM. The changes mean alternate...