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  1. Doberman Health
    Hello, I am needing some advice about some MAJOR dandruff in my 2 year old (black and tan) male who is also hypothyroid. When he was younger he had a gorgeous, glossy coat. BACKGROUND: I realize hypothyroidism is a cause of flaky skin, and before he started taking thyrotabs, he was balding...
  2. Doberman Health
    I have owned my dobie for just over 3 years. I rescued her from a local shelter after she was found skinny and nearly bald wandering the streets. In all honestly, there are not many dog owners who would have been able to handle all of her behavior issues, yet she's made so many inprovements! She...
  3. Doberman Health
    Hey DT folks, been reading the health-related threads here for the past few days trying to find some idea of what exactly is wrong with our 3.5 year old female dobe, Sofie. She has been to 4 different veterinary offices and seen a total of 12 different vets concerning this recurring issue...
1-3 of 3 Results