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  1. Trampoline bad for young joints?

    Puppy Corner
    Hi everyone! Firstly I want to thank everyone on here! This is an awesome community of people with tons of great advice. Many times this forum has been a life saver for me. Usually I can get the info I need by reading past threads but I didn't really find the answer I'm looking for this time so...
  2. Question about pedigree and hip dysplasia

    Doberman Health
    Im 45 now and dobermans have been a part of my family for about 35 of those years. We presently have two black n tans and one red. All are just family dogs, no showing etc. but all are akc dogs. At this point I'm not going to mention the breeder as I want to keep this unbias and annonymous for...
  3. Bad Hips

    Doberman Health
    My 5 year old Doberman is starting to have a hard time getting up after laying down for longer periods of time for naps.He is healthy weight and is healthy in all aspects. After getting up he wont walk on his leg at all. He does it to both depending on what leg he lays on. He walks on three legs...
  4. Puppy; Muscle Weakness/Hips?

    Doberman Health
    I am brand new to the doberman breed. My puppy is 10-weeks old today. I have noticed for the last 3 days that he acts like he has no strength in his back-end. When he runs, he runs fairly slowly in a hoping motion. He often does not like to come and will sit down a lot. When he goes to stand up...
  5. Hip dysplasia

    Doberman Health
    I thought I'd share an article that I read in the Pom Review which I thought was very interested. I get a lot of toy magazines even though I don't actively accept judging assignments. The article was information from the AKC Canine Health Foundation Breeder's Symposium and in the syllabus of...