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  1. Help for new dobie mom

    General Training & Obedience
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help from dobie lovers for a semi-reluctant new dobie mom (my boyfriend's dog). I tend to gravitate toward large, lazy, little-effort-required sort of dogs, so a doberman is a new world for me. I'm having trouble adjusting. I've never had to train an animal...
  2. Lander Wyoming Dobe

    New member introduction
    Hello Everyone, I just purchased my first Doberman. I am so excited and got him from a professional breeder who takes passion and pride in her puppies. I am looking for as many tips to owning a doberman and to help me in the long run. I have an 8 week old fawn who is absolutely gorgeous...
  3. Information for a potentially new owner

    Doberman Related Chat
    I have been raised with dog my whole life, and the one dog I have always wanted was a Doberman. However, when I moved away from my parents, I never lived where I could have a dog, so I got 2 cats instead. Now I have a place where I can have a dog and I still want a Doberman. I have researched...
  4. doberman does it all

    General Training & Obedience
    hi everyone this is my first post long story short, since i was little i wanted a dobe, i grown up in brazil surrounded by dogs, now i find myself in the UK and ready to owe my own dog, i been reading this forum for months i researched and read everything i could possibly find about dobermans...
  5. New to DT From New Hampshire

    New member introduction
    Hey everyone, i bought my first doberman, i wanted one for my entire life and i told my wife this before she told me she was scared of dogs (haha). well after 2 min pins and a lot of begging she gave in and now we have one of the most sweetest dogs ive ever owned. blake, i got at 10 weeks old...