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  1. General Training & Obedience
    I have a problem. I have two dobermans, the male is younger than the female but she is the dominant dog. He, however, naturally wants to be dominant because he is male and larger. This means that when I walk them together, he wants to be in the lead. This in turn leads to a competition between...
  2. Puppy Corner
    I wanted people's opinion on training your Dobe to heel. My 5 month old Dobe walks w/the "Gentle Leader" but likes to lead me. She doesn't pull but I would like her to walk on my side. Is it really important to train your Dobe to heel? Please keep in mind this is my first puppy :boldblue:
  3. General Training & Obedience
    I have an 8 month old black dobe, So far training has been up an down with mostly positive results. basic stuff sit stay come, lay down. no prob. I'm having a bit of a prob with him pulling,,so much in fact that he has pulled the lead out of my hand,,an when it retracts , hits him in the rear...
1-3 of 3 Results