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health testing

  1. Euro puppy

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi everyone! I’m looking into getting a euro bloodline male pup. I have owned two Americans previously. I lost one at 5 to an auto immune disease and he had an enlarged heart, and another was a older rescue with multiple health issues but ultimately lost him due to wobblers. I’ve been trying to...
  2. Decoding health testing results

    Doberman Health
    Hello! I am trying to find a good American show line Doberman breeder, but it has really been a task. I have not shown or personally owned Doberman’s before, so I’ve found it to be very difficult to find a breeder willing to let me purchase a puppy from them. I know that I should be looking for...
  3. Bolero New Member

    New member introduction
    Hello, I am a new member :x. My husband Ray and I have been members of the DPCA and DPCM since 1992. We purchased our foundation bitch from Pam Hughes of Hugadobe in 1991. When Flash finished we bred her to Deerdield's Druid, since then we have been blessed with 18 champions with very limited...
  4. Reputable European Breeders in the USA

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi, I saw a thread here which is several years old that listed European Doberman breeders in the US. Does anyone have enough info on Euro breeders to put together an updated list? I am looking for a REPUTABLE Euro breeder which does extensive health testing and has high quality, proven lines...
  5. Looking for a good breeder on the east coast!

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi I am looking for a good breeder that health tests and holter moniters as well. I am in Maine but am willing to travel for the right breeder! Looking for a companion dog! Thanks Ashley
  6. I need a lot of advice.. Please Help.. Ears & Health

    New member introduction
    Hello, I am new to this site and I hope to get good advice. A vet cropped my dogs ears at 7 months old. After he removed the stiches and started wrapping them, he recommended me to leave them up for a week and air them up for 5 days. I didn't like it but I didn't know much. The ears...
  7. Kijiji!

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hello DT! Hows everyone this morning (or it's morning where I live anyways) Now my question to everyone, is how angry do the kijiji ads make you? Personally I'm getting kind of miffed reading all these ads advertising "king" Doberman and the like, and the BYBs not offering health testing of...
  8. Doberman Narcolepsy?

    Doberman Health
    Has anyone every heard of Doberman Nacrolepsy(sometimes called Cataplexy) and/or have a narcoleptic doberman? Its supposedly very rare, but do any breeders currently test for it anyway? Does anyone think it should be tested for to prevent it from becoming more common? Here is a link to a...