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  1. Doberman Health
    I recently noticed this in my Doberman’s mouth. Does anyone know what this is and what to do about it?
  2. Doberman Health
    I need help figuring out what's going on. I don't know if this is normal or not. My 6 month old Drako has a sometimes hard penis region. Idk if it's his bladder when he needs to pee and it gets hard or what. It's not constantly there, only sometimes. After he pees or relaxes, it goes away...
  3. General Training & Obedience
    Hi everyone, I'm new here and looking for advice and if anyone can share some helpful insight that be great. See I have a 1 year old mix/ miniature doberman that likes to explore the outside ever since he was a puppy. Today though it was raining and he starts licking the grass and leaves on the...
  4. Doberman Health
    Hi! I have a 1 year old intact male black doberman. He has been experiencing large patches of hair loss, mostly around his neck but also smaller spots have appeared on the back of his neck and along on side. At first it was thought his training collars were causing the problem (prong and...
  5. Midwest US Region
    I would love help on how to stop my dog from having a shaky head. She does this once every few months. Reading things online and apparently it is common for Doberman. She is 2 years old. She is my life and I just want to make sure these tremors aren't anything serious. Could I possibly...
  6. Doberman Health
    Hello all, I'm new to Dobermantalk but I wanted to explain my intention before starting off my question. I'm on no way trying to trash talk the breeder my dobes came from, I'm just trying to reach out to others who may have experienced the same health issues I'm having and possibly ones with...
1-6 of 6 Results