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health concerns

  1. Decoding health testing results

    Doberman Health
    Hello! I am trying to find a good American show line Doberman breeder, but it has really been a task. I have not shown or personally owned Doberman’s before, so I’ve found it to be very difficult to find a breeder willing to let me purchase a puppy from them. I know that I should be looking for...
  2. My doberman puppy is skinny.

    Puppy Corner
    Hey everyone, I am new here. I am also new to doberman.:biggrin: I just picked up my doberman puppy from the breeder few days ago. His name is Matt. According to the photos, Matt did not look skinny when he was younger. Now he is 3 months old, 15.2 lbs. I can clearly see his ribs and hipbones...
  3. Shaky Head

    Midwest US Region
    I would love help on how to stop my dog from having a shaky head. She does this once every few months. Reading things online and apparently it is common for Doberman. She is 2 years old. She is my life and I just want to make sure these tremors aren't anything serious. Could I possibly...
  4. My Doby has a bump under his eye

    Doberman Health
    Hello all, I am not sure what it is and I noticed it yesterday, but I am thinking of taking him into the vet to get it looked at. I thought that I would post the pictures of it on here for others to comment on first. Thank you for any input.