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  1. Please Help

    Doberman Health
    I read somewhere that a high protein diet can cause hotspots I have a 2 year old male dobberman I have had him for a year Im not sure what food he was on before. we give him high protein food and about 2 months ago i noticed him losing hair and about a week ago i noticed he has these spots that...
  2. Sores/acne bumps on the elbows and hairless elbow

    Doberman Health
    So Romeo my dobe, has this spot on his leg, a little higher than the side of his elbow, where there is no hair, and when the hair looks like it starts to grow back, he gets a break out of bumps which look like acne which I guess pops and bleeds. When we got him at 8 weeks old from this breeder...
  3. My Spikes Coat issues ..please help

    Doberman Health
    So spike is a year old red dobie this month and these coat issues have been going on for about 5 months now. i noticed more hair loss after he was neutered. He has had all labs done and skin scrapings come back negative. Vet tells me it must be food allergy. so i have constantly been switching...