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  1. Doberman defensive behavior around other dogs

    Doberman Related Chat
    So I have a little girl doberman named Remi who is a little over a year old now. She also only has one eye which I feel might be relevant. She has had it since birth, her breeder told me it was a defect and she couldn't breed her because of it. Shes a very shy and sweet little girl, and only...
  2. Bad behavior

    General Training & Obedience
    The other day I brought my (almost 2yr old) Doberman to the dog park. He found another dog and immediately put all his attention on him (a young great Dane). He’s always been drawn to high strung dogs because they’re more playful. While playing his body kept humping everytime he got close...
  3. Toy/Chewy agression

    Puppy Corner
    Our 14 week old puppy Harper has been awesome except for a few challenges we have had lately. The biting has been very hard to deal with, which I have had puppies before but this is my first doberman so I had NO idea about. I took a lot of comfort in reading how other doberman owners have...
  4. Rehomed Doberman Puppy showing Signs of Aggression

    General Training & Obedience
    Hi all, Sorry if this is a bit of a long post - We have just taken on a 9 month old Doberman puppy that needed rehoming.. We already have a 9 month old Dobe who is extremely well behaved and we have taken a lot of time to train him extensively to encourage gentle, social and a well grounded...
  5. HELP! Aggressive Doberman puppy

    Puppy Corner
    Kaiser just turned 4 months this week, so I know he's still a young puppy, but we're concerned about how aggressive he seems. We are first-time dog owners so everything is ‎new to us but his behaviour doesn't seem to strike us as normal puppy behaviour. We were finally able to stop his play...
  6. help, my pup is becoming agressive and biting !!!

    General Training & Obedience
    Hi, my female pup is almost 7month now and weighs 27kg, she was imported from hungary and ive had her almost a month, at first she was fine with people and other dogs out of the house but recently every person and dog we see she starts going mad, raising her hair, barking and really really...
  7. recent ear crop, puppy is now being aggressive?

    Puppy Corner
    Good afternoon everyone, So on Thursday I took my puppy (12 weeks old) to get his ears cropped (breeder did not do this) and went to pick him up on Friday. My husband, who is active duty military, rode with me to pick up our puppy. I've had my puppy for a month now but my husband has only spent...
  8. New bone aggression!?

    Doberman Related Chat
    This past summer when our male dobe was about 1 1/2, he had to stay at a kennel for a week while we were on vacation. When we got home we surprised him with a new big bone. But we got the surprise when he started growling at us for getting close while he had it. We've tried just taking the bone...
  9. Fearful Dob, injured, pain, now worse social issues-COMPLICATED!

    General Training & Obedience
    I'm really looking for help and ideas. My female dob Bonita A2, has always been fearful in character. We've worked a lot on the related issues (barking, stress, anxiety) from when we got her from a responsible breeder at 2 1/2 months. We have two other older dogs and she gets along fine with...
  10. Hello, I am a Newbie

    New member introduction
    :emo5::)Hello everyone, I have a 3 year old nutered Dobe named Dante. Love him to death.I came to this site for more info on the behaviors of the Dobe,if there personalities seem to all be very similar to the breed. Also is it normal reaction from him. I had the weirdest thing happen to me the...
  11. Growling

    General Training & Obedience
    Hello! My baby boy Panzer (almost 6 months old) is beginning to growl at our other dog (lab/doberman mix almost 10 months old) for (as far as i can tell) no reason. we went for a car ride he gets back, they lay down and he just sits there and does a low growl but doesnt move just sits there...
  12. Fear of strangers?

    Puppy Corner
    Sorry for all the threads, guys! I have a lot of questions. Bonnie is a good girl and is generally okay with people. She is definitely friendlier with me and my family than just a random stranger, but most people, she is happy to let them pet her. However, with some people, she will suddenly...
  13. Excessive Barking (Guarding Related)

    General Training & Obedience
    Hello: I have a 15 month old dobe. He is very sweet. However, he barks and growls considerably throughout the night in response to people\animals passing outside (often college students at late hours). I am pleased with his alertness but the excessive barking and growling makes sleeping...
  14. Growling if i rest my foot on him

    Puppy Corner
    I Cannot believe the nerve of my puppy. i feed him i walk him he jumps on me weely neely and then yesterday we are relaxing and i rest my foot on his back n he growls. My GF tries it and he tries to snap at her. i figured he is tired so i tried again today still doing the same thing growling and...
  15. growling

    Puppy Corner
    Hi, I have an 8 wk old dobe , yesterday Axl was sleeping on my daughters lap. when she tried to move him he growled at her , Then he was laying on the floor i went to pick him up , he growled at me. What to do?
  16. Help! I think my pup maybe dangerously aggressive!

    Puppy Corner
    I have a female dobe she is about 10 weeks. She consistently bites me. I know she is playing but it hurts. She nips and my feet when I walk, bites on my pants legs, t-shirts, hands, toes, etc. I have tried the following: 1. Firm NO! 2. Spray bottle 3. Newspaper lightly on the nose 4. Putting...